How To Make A Robot

What is a robot?

A robot is a machine that helps us ease our work. It is almost a human being that does work without any rest. But yes, since robots are electronic devices, they have to be recharged from time to time. Do you love the gadgets that you see round? Are you into mechanics? If working with wires and batteries give you pleasure, then you should consider making something useful with them. Why not try your hand in making a robot? Robots can look complex mechanisms but if you study their structure, simple robots can be easy to build. Let us try making one robot that is simple yet useful.

How To Make A Robot

The Instructable to Make a Robot

The following are the steps that help us to How To Make A Robot without much difficulty. But before that what is more important is to get the raw materials ready. So what all do we need to build a simple robot? Here is the list of items that will be required in the process of making a simple beetle robot:

•    To hold the batteries, an AA battery holder is needed.

•    For the soldering, some solder wires.

•    To connect the switches to the motors, you need some wires.

•    To power the motor two AA batteries will be required.

•    To make the robot move, two identical 1.5V motors.

•    A slide switch for controlling the power.

•    For the antenna, two Single Pole Double Throw switches.

•    Glue stick to be used with the glue hot gun.

•    Some paper clips to make the antenna longer.

Now for the tools, you can check into your radio shack, most of them will be available there only.

•    To cut the wires and strip them to size, wire cutter is needed.

•    Pliers needed to shape the antenna.

•    Hot glue gun to glue different switches.

•    A soldering iron to connect the various wires.

•    A multimeter to check the battery.

These things collected you can now follow the steps below to build your very first robot.

•    At the very beginning the power of the batteries are to be checked. If it is good, then it can be used, or else you have to change the batteries.

•    Keep the wires extra long so that you do not face any problems later on when you solder the wires to the AA battery holder.

•    There should be a 3rd connection that actually connects the two batteries. You should be careful enough not to forget it.

•    Next you have to glue the wire for the antenna in the front end of the battery holder. It should be done as neatly as possible. Use the glue gun to make the sticking part proper.

•    Now, you have to use the pliers to make those paper clips straight. The clips should be bent out into a complete straight line.

•    Once bent straight, use the clippers or the wire cutters to make two small lines out of one straightened out paper clip.

•    Again take up the pliers. Hold one line at a time and very slowly and efficiently bend those outwards from the middle to make them look like the curved antennas of a beetle or a bug. Since insects have both their antennas identical, you should make them in identical sizes. For this what you can do is that you can place one wire line on top of the other and bend them together.

•    And all the above things done properly, we reach to the last part of our construction. Now all that you need to do is to glue two metal pieces on top of the Single Pole Double Throw Switches that were glued on the top of the battery holder.

•    Glue the motors at least at an angle of 40 degrees.

•    The only thing remaining is something that is to be glued at the bottom. It has to have a roller type of a piece that helps the motor to glide forward with ease. When something like a toy wheel maybe is found, glue it to the bottom of the battery holder.

•    Now all the wires need to be connected. A tape can be used to get the device ready and the wires glued properly.

Now that you know How To Make A Robot, be as creative as you can.

This done, you get the most amazing yet simple robot that satiates your dream as a builder. So enjoy the construction and happy roboting.